Interesting Facts About #Sunny Leoney….

Interesting Facts About #Sunny Leoney….

Sunny is a bookworm 

We know Bollywood sexiest Diva Sunny Leone but Bet You Didn’t know that Sunny Leoney is an avid reader .She browses for hours in bookstores on her trips abroad, something she cannot do here .She finds books to be an ideal. companion and always carries a book wherever she goes. she has recently launced her book Sweet dreams .Says a source close to her,”She gets so lost in her books that she sometimes forgets some surroundings. Sunny was even referred to being a bookworm in her growing -up days. She believes that reading as a habit has helped to groom herself over the years. In her home there is a study where she has a wide array of books she has collected.She also encourages people around her to inculcate the habit of reading, including hubby Daniel. while the actress reads all kinds of books, Daniel loves reading biographies, life stories and about history.”

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