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Some Special Secret About #Shradha Kapoor

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Some Special Secret About #Shradha Kapoor  We all  very well known for Ashqui 2 actress for her powerful permonces. Shradha Kapoor is very Talented and hard worker actress. She pays every role with whole dedication.Even the most well-known celebrities harbour secrets. Here are some secrets about Shraddha Kapoor. Her recent …

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Interesting Facts About #Sunny Leoney….


Interesting Facts About #Sunny Leoney…. Sunny is a bookworm  We know Bollywood sexiest Diva Sunny Leone but Bet You Didn’t know that Sunny Leoney is an avid reader .She browses for hours in bookstores on her trips abroad, something she cannot do here .She finds books to be an ideal. …

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#KSG disclosed his feelings about being a celebrity!!!


#KSG disclosed his feelings about being a celebrity!!! Karan Singh Grover, finally opens up and speaks his heart out.  Karan  disclosed his feelings about being a celebrity, his past relationships and the present relationship,He never discussed his personal life with media earlier, and never bothered much about the negativity he …

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The other secret to #Karan Singh Grover’s body!


The other secret to Karan Singh Grover Actor Karan Singh Grover’s physique might indicate that he spends hours in the gym-turns out that’s not the only secret to his fit bod. Grover who made his film debut with the Bipasha Basu starrer Alone, in 2015 , has a holistic approach …

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Hollywood Singer #Taylor Swift’s Romantic Gateway!


Hollywood Singer #Taylor Swift’s Romantic Gateway! Singer Taylor Swift and EDM Dj Calvin Harris took off for a tropical getaway and shared some photos on Instagram. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s latest photo album is reminiscent of aNotebook-level romance. The couple, who recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, have been enjoying …

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#Angoori Bhabhi walks out of TV show!


#Angoori Bhabhi walks out of TV show! The 28-year-old actor Shilpa Shinde, who plays Angoori Bhabhi in the popular TV serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai , has quit the show citing mental torture and a threat to her career .She also accused that the show’s producer Benaifer Kolhi of …

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#Dimpy Mahajan hot photos in bikini!


#Dimpy Mahajan hot photos in bikini! Dimpy Mahajan hot photos – this babe has received instant fame with her entry into the ongoing reality show ‘Bigg Boss 8’. Although she was popular already after marrying the TV actor Rahul Mahajan at a reality show. But the real fame she received …

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Love life of #Archana and #Parmeet Purn Singh !

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Love life of #Archana and #Parmeet Purn Singh ! कॉमन फ्रेंड के जरिये पार्टी में हुयी थी अर्चना और परमीत की पहली मुलाकात। परमीत जब भी अर्चना से मिलते थे तो तीन गुलाब के साथ बोलते थे , ‘आई लव यू ‘ अर्चना पूर्ण सिंह और परमीत सेठी टीवी की …

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#बिपाशा और करन सिंह ग्रोवर के बीच बढ़ती नजदीकियां

युवराज और हेज़ल की सगाई के बाद बिपाशा बासु ने ट्विटर पर दोनों के लिए बधाई सन्देश लिखा । युवी ने भी अपने अंदाज में उसका जबाब देते हुए लिखा थैंक यू बिप्स कुमारी अब तुम्हारी बारी । जबाब में बिपाशा ने भी उसी अंदाज में लिखा बिलकुल मेरा नंबर …

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