#Arjun has been smoke-free for 4-months now

#Arjun has been smoke-free for 4-months now 

Saif Salman and Amir kicked the Habbit ,while varun and Sid don’t Smoke.

Arjun Kapoor is being a smoker for 12 years,the actor gives up the cancer stick

The young actor quit smoking on the first of Janaury 2016 to improve his health. Four month into it and he still hasn’t touched a cigarette. A source close to an actor said, “He felt it was the right thing to do. Arjun’s 30, he has to try and protect his health, sleep well and eat right. While it’s true that he started smoking when he was 18 and was a chain-smoker since, it’s also true that he has given it all up. He feels being a smoker makes everything tougher — including playing basketball — which is what he does in HALF GIRLFRIEND. So, he gave up the habit when he signed the film.”

The friend adds, “It was tough for Arjun to give up smoking and he even promoted his last film Ki & Ka, smoke-free. The promotions were stressful, but there was neither the craving nor the urge to sneak off for a puff. So yes, he’s happy he has passed the litmus test. In fact, it doesn’t even bother him anymore if people smoke around him. Arjun feels it’s too early to make a big deal of it just yet. He believes it’s still a work-in-progress. He feels he needs to give it six months before he believes he’s clean.”

The actor’s friends and colleagues know he has kicked the habit. Says a friend of the actor, “Arjun would smoke two packs a day. He quit cold-turkey on Jan 1, 2016 as he’s training in basketball for HG. But he feels happier, more alive and not a slave to anything. Those close to him are in shock that he pulled it off successfully as they knew he was a chain smoker. They’re very proud of his achievement.”

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