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Sunny Leoney “I thought they called wrong number”

Sunny Leoney with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees and more….

Recently we mat Sunny Leoney and talk to her about the opportunity to work with SRK. She said she very nervous and excited to . Since her entry into Bollywood, there have been several reservations in the industry about Sunny Leone. Many actors decided to step out of films starring her, fearing they might get typecast. in a candid chat, Sunny opens up about how building rapport with the big guns of Bollywood has helped her change a lot of perceptions…

  • The last time we spoke,you called the A-list zone,the Disneyland in Bollywood…

(Excitedly cuts in) And I finally got the ticket to the front gate of Disneyland. Woohoo!(Laughs) Just before we shot the song of Raees, I told my entire team,”Listen, we have got the Ticket. So now everyone be on your best behaviour.”(Laughs) Because you only get the ticket once.

  • You are finally getting a big break, How did the Raees song fall in place?

I actually got a call from Excel. Actually not me, but Daniel(weber, her husband) did, We were sitting in my car and after he kept the call, Daniel was like,”Oh My God!” I knew it wasn’t something bad because he has his tone and I have known him for so long, so I know. He got off and finally told me. I was in shock. I thought they must have dialled a wrong number. I asked him if they really did call for Sunny Leone and not someone else!

I was just in disbelief. I didn’t actually believe it until I was halfway through my rehearsals.I was like,”They can’t change it now”.They had taught me all the steps and we were doing costume fittings. So it was definitely happening.

  • So you shot all the days with SRK?

Yes, he came on the sets every day.

  • What was your first meeting with him on Raees sets like?

He mentioned that he thought of me when he planned to do the song. He also explained how it all came about. so in my head, I felt like telling him,”Why did you wait this long? Why didn’t you just give me a call the exact moment you thought of me? At least, I could have lived the last six months in happiness”. that’s what I wanted to say but I controlled myself very much. I had built up this moment in my head for so long.

I was dying inside . And in my first meeting with him, I looked like a mushroom top head. My hair was like pulled up with all these weird things and I walked outside where we were shooting and he was talking to the director. That’s when we spoke a bit. And then I walked into the van, saw myself and I told myself,”Really Sunny? That’s what you look like. You just met Shah Rukh Khan and you look like a freak. ” I was so embarrassed . And the happens to me all the times I meet any famous personality.

  • What was the maximum number of retakes you guys gave?

I think it was 9 . Possibly, something like that although I am not sure of the exact number.

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