#Sunny Leone just launched her first book

#Sunny Leone just launched her first book

Sunny’s Sweet Dreams is Mills & Boon-meets-50 Shades of Grey, with just a dash of Savita Bhabhi.


Actress Sunny Leone has written a collection of stories, called Sweet Dreams, which her digital publishers  Juggernaut Books, are all excited about. There are 12 small stories written by Sunny Leone ।Sunny told,“The idea of writing erotic stories wasn’t something that had occurred to me earlier, but it was an out of the box idea. What is interesting is that it hasn’t just been a personal challenge, but it is also outside of what people think I can or can’t do.

Writing the stories was certainly more difficult than I’d thought. I had to write the stories in a very limited timeframe. I got barely three months and I found myself writing everywhere I was – in the car, on a plane, at home here or LA! It was the first time I was doing something like this; I wanted it to be good and wanted to take my time with it because I was putting myself out there on a new platform.”

Launched on April 22 (Friday), the e-book has been launched by the Juggernaut app (for Rs 49.50), and comes with the following description: “The seven delicious stories in Sunny Leone’s Collection, Sweet Dreams, will put the oomph back into your life. A story will be delivered to your phone every night at 10 pm.about a sexual encounter on an airplane.”

  That and a lot more erotica awaits the readers now, thanks to Sunny Leone.

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